Starting up a new business, struggling to know where and how to register and to get all your SARS affairs in order can take away your concentration from managing and growing your own business.

At Destinata Business Management we focus on a more day-to-day experience with our accountants.

We are partnered with Xero Accounting Software, where we use a cloud based accounting software, enabling our clients to access their company’s accounts from anywhere in the world. This will allow our clients to capture invoices and payments via any mobile device, printing reports any day of the month and having access to their accountants within minutes.

Trust, Business & Personal Accounting - Destinata Holdings

We offer the following services:

  • CIPC – All aspects around CIPC (register new company / filing of annual returns, etc)
  • Annual Financial Statements – Yearly Compiled financials which will then be submitted by us to SARS
  • Payroll – Workmen compensation funds, Monthly Payslips, Monthly EMP201 submissions to SARS, as well as the U-Filling submissions.
  • VAT – Compiling of VAT Reports and Submissions of VAT on E-Filling
  • Provisional Tax – Compiling and submissions of provisional tax twice in a financial year.
  • Management Reports – These reports will show you exactly how your business has grown over a certain period of time and where you can make changes to improve your business. The reports can vary form 6 monthly, quarterly, and bi-monthly.