I received advice from a motivational speaker the other day about perceptions. He told us to test it. Then everybody at the presentation had to send their spouse the following text message:

“I love you so much “just that, nothing else.”

The responses ranged from:

“Mother of my children, are you ill?”

“Did you crash into something/someone and what is the damage?”

“Don’t understand, what did you do now?”

“Am I dreaming?”

“Just say how much and to which account?”

“Who was this message intended for?”

“You promised not to drink during the day!”

And, wait for it: “Yeah right!”

I rejoice in the reality of us having a new broom. Not any broom – a super broom. An oxygen driven walking broom that grabbed us by the hands and pulled us from the pool of total economic destruction. I do not care what your political beliefs are – I read the graphs. I also read the faces and see the whispers of hope from a nation.

Then I sit back and listen to the radio talk shows and the people that phone in with their opinions.According to these doom prophets, he is never going to make this work. I am sure none of them are Treocians, because over and above the fact that we have no fear, we are also solution driven. So anything thrown at us in the past, we turned into blue berry pie. Do we not believe in OPS (‘Other People’s Skills’, for the new Treocians)?

The first thing our President did was to appoint a Presidential Economic Advisory Council.

The council will draw on the expertise of those in labour, business, civil society and academia to ensure the implementation of economic policy and to respond better to economic circumstances. Oh, he learnt from the best – we Treocians also use other people’s skills.

“The decision to establish the task force follows the successful engagement of different players in setting a national minimum wage, which will come into force on May 1 this year” President Ramaphosa said.

Mr Ramaphosa admits that the economy has not grown or created jobs at the pace it should. He is not making excuses even though he did list some of the progress that was made. What I hang on to is his commitment to policy, certainty and consistency.

“Our task, as South Africans, is to seize this moment of hope and renewal, and to work together to ensure that it makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our people,” he said.

I am going to focus on the positive, use the incentives we already have and then look out for what comes out of his 10-point plan:

1. Jobs Summit

Focussed on providing workable solutions.

2. Investment conference  

The investment conference, to be organised within the next three months, should target both domestic and international investors.

3. Revive the manufacturing sector

4. Supporting black industrialists

5. Youth Employment Service Initiative

6. Youth Working Group

7. Infrastructure investment 

Let’s hope Cape Town will have water after this.

8. Small business development

9. Grow tourism sector

10. Digital Industrial Revolution Commission

I do not know about you, but I see opportunity.  So let’s give the chap a chance – if you are willing, I will forever strive to make any new incentive work for you.

Source: http://treocmedia.com/article/657/ECONOMIC-REBIRTH