When a property is for sale, there’s a reason. Unless you know the reason, you can easily end up getting the short end of the deal. If you know the reason, you must make sure you’re on the winning end of it. If it’s not possible, walk away from that deal before it’s too late.

When a sales agent sells a property, it can easily be a ‘wrong reason’ type of sale; but when a renting agent sells a property, chances are very good that it will be for the right reasons. I’ll come back to this statement at the end of this article.

Firstly, let’s look at a few typical ‘wrong reasons’ to sell:

  • Wrong area
  • Deteriorating area
  • Fast growing squatter camp nearby
  • Collapsing structure
  • Low rental demand
  • Complex is hi-jacked by illegals
  • Body Corporate is dysfunctional
  • …and many more.

Now, let’s look at a few ‘right reasons’ to sell:

  • Owner is in financial distress
  • Owner is upgrading to a bigger home
  • Owner has been transferred by his employer
  • Owners are divorcing
  • Owner is emigrating

We can carry on…

As I said, sales agents sell anything because it’s only about the commission for them.

However, when a letting agent sells a property, it usually isn’t a bad rental property. Why? For them, it’s not just about the commission!

The letting agents, who are also sales agents, will let the property on your behalf if you buy it, and they don’t want to be involved with bad properties. They don’t want a property which attracts bad tenants or no tenants at all. They want to manage good rental properties in good areas.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to use Jade Property Managers for all your buying and selling needs. They screen each and every property in detail before they present it to you, and they will share all the ‘reasons’ with you!

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